Unashamed is a partnership between Just Love and Restored. Just Love is a charity working to inspire and release every Christian student to pursue the biblical call to social justice. Restored is an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women.

                  Restored and Just Love are both committed to speaking out against injustice and working with others on solutions to end it. We’re running the Unashamed Campaign because we want to equip this generation of students to confront violence and abuse against women and to stand in solidarity with those subjected to it. Jesus says in Matthew 7, that we should take the plank out of our eye before trying to take the speck out of our brother’s eye. In the same way, we want to have the integrity to call out all forms of male violence against women, especially when violence and abuse is happening on our own streets and in our own student communities and churches.

As the Unashamed Campaign unfolds, we’re raising awareness and challenging culture by starting conversations and sharing stories which will equip student communities to better understand why some men are violent and abusive towards women and how we can safely challenge this behaviour. We’re also celebrating positive stories because we want to recognise the diverse contributions of women and men who are courageously challenging gender injustice and empowering those around them to do the same.

You can follow the campaign as it unfolds (16th-23rd October) by liking the Unashamed Facebook page, follow us on twitter or regularly checking this site for blog updates.

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